Implementing Standards-Referenced Learning: A Five-Phase Plan Webinar

Featuring Tammy Heflebower


Building and district leaders must be well versed in standards-referenced grading and all that it entails. This is no small change. It is a lot like parenting—exciting, challenging, trying, rewarding, frustrating, and extremely gratifying. It is the most transformational change upon which leaders may ever embark. This webinar discusses what leaders need to consider to lead the myriad of calculated processes and products that serve as the foundation for solid execution. Tammy Heflebower will navigate a sample four-plus-year plan for implementing standards-based learning, highlighting some of the critical components within. Participants will have a chance to compare and augment their existing plan or to consider a draft of one.

  • Learn the important components for consideration when implementing standards-referenced learning in your school or district.
  • Compare and contrast your existing work with those ideas suggested.
  • Consider ways to create or augment an effective implementation plan.


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